My name is Mel.

I feel everything deeply.

I have a keen sense to detail, but not in the way most designers would prescribe their detail-oriented attitudes.

I have terrible memory, hence me writing this down.

I like to brush my teeth 3 times a day.

I have semi-crippling social anxiety. Some take it was aloofness.

I don’t like losers and by losers I mean people who complain instead of solving problems.

Occasionally, I can be a loser myself.

I am driven.

I procrastinate.

I drink.

I love being sober a bit more than I like being drunk. But it is definitely a close call.

I am practicing becoming a more compassionate person.

I have a short-temper when I am hungry, tired… scared.

I will be documenting my last year of design school.

Song of the day: Frank Ocean — Nikes

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