Why Smoking an Herbal cigarettes is a better option

Cigarettes which do not contain tobacco, and have herbs and other plant material are called as herbal cigarettes. They are also known as tobacco-free cigarettes or nicotine-free cigarettes in some countries. Herbal cigarettes are used as an alternative to the regular tobacco cigarettes. They are available in various flavours like Menthol, Vanilla, Strawberry, Clove and many more.

Herbal cigarettes are also popular in the film industry. Actors who have to perform a smoking scene prefer to use herbal cigarettes as they have no negative effects on health. So if you see your favourite star smoking on-screen just observe that it’s herbal cigarettes.

The concept of herbal cigarettes is very old. It originated in United Kingdom in 1947. Ever since then, it has gained popularity all over the world. Honey rose and Black Swan are the oldest herbal cigarettes brand available in market. Surprisingly even after emergence on new competitors they are still popular in market till date. Now you also have many herbal cigarettes brands popular online too.

Now let’s have a look at benefits of herbal cigarettes.

1. Nicotine free: Continues use of nicotine can affect your health to a great extent. It can affect your heart, lungs and arteries. It can also double up the risk of heart attack or a chronic lung disease. Numbers of death due to tobacco round the globe are around six million each year. This includes one million passive smokers.

2. No foul odour: When one smokes an herbal cigarette it does not produce bad smell. It creates a very bad impression if your mouth stinks with the tobacco cigarettes in an office environment. Using a chewing gum may help but it still has few limitations.

3. Provides Immunity: Herbal cigarettes create an immunity system because of few herbs present in it. Herbs such as lemongrass can help you to treat respiratory problems and common cold to a greater extent. Herbal cigarettes can be a substitute for medicine too which may have side effect on your body.

4. Detoxifies lungs: Another advantage of an herbal cigarettes is that it detoxifies lungs and helps in improving your health. It improves the lung function as it dilates the airway. It is used by many voice artists and singers to have a better performance.

5. Safe of passive smokers: The tobacco cigarette you smoke does not only affect your health but also of people around you. As I mentioned earlier almost one million people die around the globe just because of passive smoking. With herbal cigarettes, this rate can be cut down considerably. It does not have any ill effect on people around you, while you take a puff.

6. Help to quit smoking: I am sure you must have already failed to stay on your New Year resolution to quit smoking. It is really a tough call to quit a habit which has stayed with you for years, isn’t it? Not really, with the help of herbal cigarettes you can really cut down on habit of smoking tobacco. An herbal cigarette is comparatively less harmful to your body. In contrast, it can help your body and mind to rejuvenate.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) India shares 12% of smoking population around the globe. Yes, we have approx of 120 million smokers in the country. Smoking has taken many lives in India. Even after much of Government initiatives to reduce the rate of smoking, the numbers of smokers are ever increasing.

Herbal cigarettes can be a good option to quit tobacco smoking. It can also reduce the smoking statistic in India. A lot of brands are available in herbal cigarettes online. You can get them in general stores too. Herbal cigarettes are also recommended if a women addicted to tobacco smoking gets pregnant. It has very less disadvantages on pregnant women as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. Though quitting smoking is best option available in pregnancy. On a much wider aspect herbal cigarettes are environment friendly. Thus it also helps in keeping up with the eco system.

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