2019 Lesson 2: Everything is Figureoutable!

This is probably my biggest lesson of the year and I will be taking more risk in the new decade because of this lesson.

The lesson basically is that 1. Everything is Figureoutable; 2. Believe that you can and will figure things out. 3. Run with the fact that you can/will figure things out eventually.

When I had the idea for Picsible, there was a certain feature I was to code that I was scared I couldn’t code. This feature was more like the entire Picsible itself as it was super important. I procrastinated starting Picsible because of this fear, but for some reason decided to push past this fear and get started on it. And as soon as I began coding, I figured it was not even difficult at all and even though this feature took quite a lot of my time to code, I had grossly overestimated its complexity. You just imagine I didn’t push past this fear in the first place.

In the year 2020, I am making sure I am trying things before making any conclusion — whether or not I have everything figured out. I will be taking bigger steps and chasing my dreams even though I am still puzzled about how everything will turn out. I will become pals with uncertainty and face it head on. And I will not just “try on the surface” and immediately conclude something can’t work. I will try to the latter and won’t conclude till I exhaust all options.

I will be trusting my ability to figure things out and run with it all through the year. You should too!

Life Strategist. Inverse Paranoid. Founder, Picsible and Tobeetoe Technologies

Life Strategist. Inverse Paranoid. Founder, Picsible and Tobeetoe Technologies