In the mindset chapter of my book, How to Quit Unwanted Habits Permanently. I wrote about how I turned on my TV one day and watched a program where the host said and I quote: "The best thing to do with habits is to just never go into them, because once you do, you are doomed and irredeemable." And how those words prevented me from doing the right things to stop.
"Tobi you can never quit, the best thing was to never have gone into this habit. And now you are doomed and irredeemable!" were statements I constantly told myself.
Every time I tried to use my willpower to quit my habits and failed, the words above rang in my head and I usually gave in until I decided to not give in any longer.
Just like me, you may have heard some things somewhere and they may be hindering you from doing the right things to quit your own negative habits; so in this article, we are going to analytically look at the most common habit myths.

1. I can quit "naturally".
You can quit most habits naturally i.e by not using any drug or taking any treatment but that is not the type of naturally I am talking about. When most people think of habits, they think they can just quit their habits. That is, they don't need to do much. All they need to do is to just be strong and make sure they don't engage in their habits. But if you read my book or know about habits in general, then you know that this is actually very false. To quit, you need strategies. Good and beautiful strategies that can help you quit. And this takes us to the second myth...

2. Willpower is everything.
Willpower is a muscle that is built overtime I.e by doing the right things over and over again. But if you are addicted to a habit of any kind (or have read my book) then you know willpower is the last thing in the quitting habits equation. You cannot will yourself to not smoke. You will always fail and relapse. You need strategies. Concrete strategies.

3. I just do my habits.
Engaging in a habit is not automatic. For you to smoke, watch porn or engage in any habit, certain things has to happen. You don't "just" smoke. In my book, I talked about something called the Habit Loop. The Habit Loop is broken down into three stages. The Trigger (cue), The Behavior (habit) and then, The Reward. When you engage in a habit, there are bigger things happening in the background. To engage in any habit, you must first be triggered, that is get cues that it is time to engage in your habit. The trigger then influences you to engage in your habit. And as soon as you engage, you are rewarded. The reward most times is a feel good feeling. The reward (the feel good feeling you get) is what ensures you engage in this habit again and again.

4. It is impossible for me to quit.
It is actually possible to quit. I mean I quitted and have not engaged in my habits for a very long time now. What you need are strategies, strategies and your habits becomes super easy to quit. Most of the people that have read my book have been sending me reviews of how they quitted their negative habits so it is possible. What you need is a plan on what to do when you get triggered.

And we end the article on this note. Follow this link to get my book, How to Quit Unwanted Habits Permanently and start implementing all the strategies listed there.
When you read my book, you will understand how habits are formed; why they have been so hard for you to quit; understand the habit loop; understand and identify your own triggers; take an analytical look on your behaviours and how the rewards you are getting from them keeps you going back to them; learn how to use those two things, your trigger and your rewards to quit your habits forever; understand how external forces influences your quitting or not quitting and what to do about them and finally understand something we call the bad days and what to do about them.
You can get the book HERE

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