Buio is a university project about Kids and their fear of the dark

Buio is a game to help kids to tackle their fear of the dark. Despite each of us once has been a kid himself, empathise with them is one of the hardest goals you can achieve. They have a peculiar perception of things, they cannot read, they need guidance and their attention its hard to get and easy to lose. Design for them has been a pretty big challenge. These are the process and tools that helped us to define the best experience we could deliver to one of the most delicate categories of users.

Incipit: the problem

We started by defining an…


How technology will teach us empathy and save the world

TreeSense is a Virtual Reality project. Made from Yedan Qian (Umea Insistute) and Xin Liu (Fluid Interfaces team), born inside MIT Media Lab. The development of the project intercurred between 2016 and 2017.

How does it work?

TreeSense is an immersive experience in wich the spectator lives the complete life of a tree. Your own body becomes the trunk and your arms will soon “grow” out as branches.

The system works with a VR headset that puts you inside the tree perspective, a Leap Motion tracks your hands movements, and an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machine gives you the perception of the wind or…

Tobia Marconi

Digital & Interaction Design student. Curious human. Technology lover.

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