Adidas Stan Smith Review + On feet| ALL BLACK

Adidas Stan Smith Review + On feet| ALL BLACK

If you have never owned a pair of Stans, i feel bad for you. And I also think you might be lying. This is a piece of footwear that goes beyond the pigeon-holed realms of athletic wear, football casuals, basketball classics, tech innovations or retro runners — a fresh pair of Stans can look right and get a nod of respect everywhere from rainy UK estates through to sunny Californian country clubs. They are really easy to get not sold out like literally almost all adidas shoes now.

Features of the shoe:

  • Premium soft leather
  • Synthetic leather lining
  • Perforated 3-Stripes
  • Clean and simple design
  • Logo on heel tab
  • Rubber cupsole

First Impressions- I thought they were just good looking at would not be comfortable and would give me bruises on my heel but they were much more omfortable than i thought.

Price- They are really cheap at 67GBp (Great British Pounds)

Size- I’d say go true to size, as you can see from this chart, it is in the middle so it does not run biger or smaller than your actual size.

Size: 10/10

Comfort- The first time i put them on it was comfy because of the soft leather used on the heel tabs. The support on the sole is not too bad either. As you can see from the stars it is quite comfortable but its still not the best as it dosent have a boost sole. It does not compare to the Ultra boosts.

Comfort: 7/10

Quality- The quality seems great at first but sadly the lether starts to wrinkle allot as you continue to wear them, the leather is pretty thin and crummy — but they’re also 67GBp shoes. The top layer is very thin, and you can see it crinkle when they flex or you press them with your finger. They’re fully lined in canvas with another layer of leather lining the back third, so despite the thin top layer, they’re pretty thick overall.


Overall- They are great everyday shoes, comfortable, true to size, long lasting although the leather starts to wrinkle. Overall, I’m happy with them for the price I paid and I wear them regularly . They’re not a steal or anything, but if you want a pair of sneakers, they’re a solid choice for 67GBP. I like the shoes and i would recommend them to anyone.


Favorite Feature- My favoirte feature has to be Stans smith’s face on the shoe tongue. It is just super unique and funky.


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