Full Nights…

Long empty nights…that’s not a phrase I use quite often but tonight was a bad idea. Stuck in a four walled matchbox for the next couple of months wasn’t what I had in mind but this was my reality. Yaba has always been home.. If always means the last 6 years, but that’s as far back as I think most days, something about the overwhelming youthful populace gave me a sense of satisfaction in an otherwise unimpressive location, so it was worth almost any sacrifice to remain here. The barely 10 by 10meter cubicle I called home seemed determined to cajole out of me every last drop of sweat I could produce. Nights have progressively turned into the period of existence were everything seems real, were life actually happens. I have a job that keeps me out from morning till nighttime on most occasions and within the hours in between my life is like a tape recorder on repeat, I find myself getting lost between the days and not being able to differentiate Monday from Thursday. Getting home from work feels like the switch to my existence is turned on and life proceeds from the night before. To be fair work isn’t all that bad, I’v been at my current job for a handful of months now and its a clear improvement on the preceding year. Ikeh the storyteller and my closest neighbor at work seems to be the best diversion from nonexistence with a daily mix of laughter and conversations not suited for work.

My nights are usually spent on Skype/phone calls, drawing or banging out my next big app idea,scouring the internet for inspiration and early morning jogs at 5am. That is existence for me, I reckon that’s not much of an existence but its all I have for now and I cherish it dearly. I burnt a lot of bridges last year (partly my fault) so I’m running a bit low in the friendship department. Its a bit difficult to keep up with the handful I have left but I console myself with the notion that I’d get to discover more of myself this year…I’m not sure I really believe that.

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