The past weeks have been the least productive I’ve been. Normal work that takes atleast 3 hours takes me half the day.

It’s sad really. It’s a miracle I still have time to post here (maybe ignoring everything I have to do will make them go away?)

Conflicted feelings too, are a part of the sh*tshow this week; should I?; can I take it?; am I really serious about this, or am I just playing?; what could happen to her?

Also, my bro’s going through one of his annual phases, but what can I do?

Kinda got used to it by now, as long as he’s not trying to f*ck himself up. But hey, he says his productivity’s through the roof.

Maybe going incognito too, would help me.

I gotta man up and do all of this. No distractions. No excuses.

But man, the world is a distraction.

Sorry, no pseudo- intellectual/inspirational bull for this week

update: so the universe wanted to teach me a lesson: my computer’s busted, I sent the wrong file to my group, and now I have to start over.

Oh God, why must you forsake me?