Domain-driven design cheatsheet

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Any good cheatsheet offers support when you need it. This one summarises the most fundamental parts of domain-driven design, also known as DDD. It’s divided into two parts, strategic and tactical design.

Strategic design

In short, strategic design addresses the what and the why of a software development endeavour. Strategic design applies the principle of separation of concerns iteratively on a business domain. This process is called distillation. Its aim is to provide engineers what they need to design bounded contexts. A natural starting point for the distillation is a company’s organisational units such as departments.


business domain = a company’s area of activity

subdomain = by analysis identified subset of the business domain

bounded context (BC)= by engineers designed software solution for which a ubiquitous language has been developed

ubiquitous language = shared vocabulary between engineers and the business-side scoped to a BC


Tactical design

Addresses the how for a software solution.


strong consistency = when mutations of state are atomic e.g. changes made in a database transaction

eventual consistency = when mutations of state are not atomic e.g. changes made sequentially in two µservices’ databases as part of a unit of work


Note! The arrows represent the direction of source code dependencies

Useful links

  1. Business logic layer pattern implementations in Go


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