Art Fair Philippines 2016: An experience


the artists and the materials used — 12 art works in total

  1. PANDY AVIADO — 2 art works
from left to right: AGOS NG MALAY-TAO and ENKI (mixed media on canvas 68" x 31" and 48" x 31") 2016

2. RYAN RUBIO — 1 art work

GUARD YOUR HEART (stone, wood, metal 41" x 10" x 10") 2015

3. KIKO ARNAEZ — 1 art work

ONE TON CARRIAGE, AS MY MIND REFUSES (oil on canvas 60" x 36") 2015

4. ALLAIN HABLO — 2 art works

from left to right: PAIN-TEMPERED STRENGTH I & II (automotive laquer on canvas 76 1/2" x 55") 2016

5. RYAN RUBIO — 1 art work

BIRD LOVES TREES, TREES LOVE BIRDS… I’M TAKING CARE OF THEM (stone, wood, metal 63" x 25" x 13") 2015

6. GARY CUSTODIO — 1 art work

CHANGED (acrylic on canvas 60" x 32" / 60" x 12" diptych) 2016

7. JOEY COBCOBO — 2 art works

PURONG UTOS 1–10 (woodcut on bakya with crochet, leather) 2015–2016 & PURONG UTOS print folio/7 editions (woodcut on paper 18" x 12") 2016

8. EUGENE JARQUE — 2 art works

from left to right: WONDER I & II (mixed media on canvas 60" x 48") 2016

What do you think is the collective message being conveyed by the exhibition as you engage yourself with the works?

  • The collective message being conveyed by the exhibition is being more open to art and design. The art works has a deep meaning about its titles. For me it shows creativeness and abstractness.


top photos: FAMILY (thread, glow in the dark canvas 213.4 x 610 cm) & bottom photos from left to right: MOTHER AND SON & FATHER AND SON (thread, glow in the dark canvas 121.9 x 152.4 cm) 2016
from left to right: SECRET LOVERS NIGHT (thread, textile on canvas 48 x 36 in) & UNBROKEN (textile cloth on canvas 96 x 96 in) 2016


At Maculangan’s photographs “CORNERS AMPLIFY LOW FREQUENCY”

How were you engaged by the artists’ work? Was it something familiar or phenomenal?

  • I was engaged because my eyes captured a different kind of work. Raffy Napay’s work is really extraordinary because it is a glow in the dark artwork and it shows being family-oriented. For me, Raffy’s work of Unbroken shows about the LGBT community just because it has the rainbow’s colors. It caught my eyes because I support and I love the LGBT community, it’s about being strong and loving who you really are. #LoveWins
  • At Maculangan’s work is different from other photographs. What I love about his work is he just take photos about boxing, and even punching a meat with their punching gloves. It’s just really different from the others. Plus it’s black and white, that’s what makes the effect even better.

How have you felt during the engagement experience? What thoughts, emotions, memories, concepts or ideas came into your mind as you experience the work?

  • I felt very enlightened. When I saw Napay’s work of the glow in the dark. It reminded me of my family and I when we were playing glow in the dark wishing wands and stars. It made me really emotional because that was my childhood. I miss taking photos randomly. As I looked at Maculangan’s work, it made me wish that I entered CSB’s Ad Astra so I can show my talents to others.

Did you leave the exhibition as a learned man or a confused one?

  • When I left the exhibit, I learned a lot. I know that these artists put so much effort just to show the people on how proud they are of their work that’s why we should be able to learn something different and something new. I learned about being creative, being open-minded to your imaginations, and being confident of your work. I learned that each one of us has our own point of view and perspective of beauty. It just depends on us on how we will show it to the community.



This is my first time to attend the yearly Art Fair Philippines and it is really enjoying and relaxing because of the art works surrounded everywhere. The fair is so crowded, there are many people examining the arts, taking pictures of it, taking ‘intsagram worthy’ photos and selfies, and etc. I enjoyed it because everything is beautiful. These artists inspires me so much to be creative and open minded to whatever my imagination leads me to. Being in the Art Fair Philippines 2016 was an experience and I would really love to go back next year.


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