Heneral Luna — Critique Paper

  1. What was the message the filmmaker wanted to convey through the film?

The message of the filmmaker in the movie of Heneral Luna is to let us know that nationalism and leadership was being showed in the movie. It shows nationalism because Heneral Luna and his soldiers were loyal and they fought for their country for independence. Unfortunately, some of his men were indolent to follow his orders but Hen. Luna always teach them a lesson on how to be a good soldier for them to be more diligent and to fight for their country when the Americans were in the Philippines. It shows leadership because Hen. Luna lead his soldiers to the right path and whenever there’s a problem in the camp, he makes sure that he finds a way to solve the problems. Even though he is bossy and boastful, Hen. Luna was a great leader that lead the Philippines in their time.

2. Was the film engaging? How so?

Yes, the movie was absolutely engaging. It shows that Filipino filmmakers are getting better in doing historical films. The sceneries in the movie looks really old and it shows on how the Philippines really look like in the time where the Americans conquer the Philippines. Like the people, the war scenes, the houses, the buildings, etc. The effects of the guns, and the bombings sounds realistic. The props and costumes were also done well. And the message of the film was delivered to the audience well to understand more about the Philippine history mostly about Heneral Luna and how he lead the Philippines. When I watched this movie, I was so amazed. It was a worth of my time.

3. What was the function of art being fulfilled by the film?

Art is to show the historical events that happened to our countries. In the film of Heneral Luna, it’s an historical event in the Philippines that changed the perspective of the Filipinos when they watched the film about Heneral Luna and the people involved in the film. The film showed the events and sceneries on what happened on the time when Hen. Luna leaded the Philippines, it showed how former Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo guided and organized his soldiers to fight the Americans, etc.

4. Describe the aesthetic experience you’ve encountered while watching the film.

The aesthetic experience that I’ve encountered in the film was the beauty of the movie, on how it was made, and on how it was filmed. Seeing this movie was really a great experience. From the start of the movie, it shows on how the people in that time leads their fellow citizens because they want to protect their country from danger, it also shows that some Filipinos were lazy in doing their tasks like the soldiers who didn’t follow Hen. Luna’s orders. It really shows the “bahala na” attitude of the Filipinos. Even though the ending of the movies was devastating, it was sad to think that your fellow allies will also be your enemies when they don’t like your attitude. Even though you’re a great leader and you just want to fix and end the problems of the country, you will still be hated by the one who looks down on you. Nonetheless, the movie was worth the watch! You will grab many messages from the film.

5. What/who does “Jose Hernandez, Jr.” represents?

For me, Jose Hernandez, Jr. is a fighter. Even though that his work is hard and he is at stake of danger, he still do his job. He is brave, intelligent, and caring about his country. He commits peace by helping Hen. Luna by speaking of words that will enlighten him during his battle. He writes his words with a pen that helps us remember the fight of Heneral Luna for the freedom of his country.

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