The First “Computer Bug”

You can debug your JavaScript code with console.log(). Seriously, you can!

The most serious problem a developer has when debugging with JavaScript is, that one can not see which variable is logged. This especially becomes a problem if you debug with multiple variables.

For example this code produces the following on the browser’s console:

const name = "John";

Some weeks ago I got my first position in an IT startup company. I work as a web developer, mainly in front end. This article will present you some of the lessens I learned in the first eight weeks or so. The hard way.

  1. Keep to conventions and best practices. Little regards concerning any conventions and best practices will make a lot of things a mess. Bugs will be hard to find, changes will be hard to do and things will be very complicated to understand. In our case we needed to nearly stop the development a week and to…

Tobias Vetter

Web Developer

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