Why doesn’t ECMA do the same with JavaScript?
JavaScript: The Next Generation
Richard Kenneth Eng

Because it would either break JavaScript code that is online right now or it would take browsers a huge amount of time to implement “JavaScript 2”. One should just take a look at how slow the adoption of all ES6 features in browsers is. Meanwhile one would have the risk that JavaScript in the web would became even more messy, like it was in the 1990s. They will not risk this. Period. And this is also not the same like with for example Python, because Python programs are isolated instances which one can use with different Interpreters and can updated to newer languages versions one by one. This will not work with “the Internet”.

Babel was introduced to secure that this problem will not happen with ES6, etc.

However, actually what you propose here is already done with projects like TypeScript, Elm, Kotlin to JS, Scala.js, etc.

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