Targeting is like… a rock festival

Just a small analogy between targeting / segmentation in online marketing and rock festivals.

Rock festivals (in their early days):

One big stage, playing mainstream rock to please the whole audience just with the big names.

Marketing (in the 2000's):

Shotgun, one big campaign and one marketing message for all users.

Rock festivals (nowadays)

You have to appeal to an audience that gets more and more fragmented and likes a lot of different musicians. So also rock festivals have changed over the years to address this heterogenic audience. Therefore, a festival nowadays offers lot of different possibilities to host artists from all genres. That’s why you have

  • a main stage (you know, for the big acts)
  • a party tent (you know, for those resident DJs)
  • an alternative stage (the soon-to-be-big acts)
  • an art village (incl. handcrafted stuff, circus, theaters)

Marketing (nowadays):

“The idea of dividing a market up into homogeneous segments and targeting each with a distinct product and/or message, is now at the heart of marketing theory” — Market Segmentation, Michael J Croft

Now you have a lot of targeted campaigns incl.

  • different banners,
  • landing pages,
  • offers
  • user flows

for very different

  • audiences,
  • locations,
  • use cases (remarketing, reengagement)

Both online marketing and rock festivals changed over the years to stay successful. You just have to spot the similarities to understand it better.

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