Utilizing downtime at airports.

Ug. My flight is delayed. I’ve got 30 mins to kill at SanDiego airport. Like all road warriors, I’ve timed the uber perfectly, and packed optimally, to breeze through security and board the plane with carry on just before the doors close — so there’s zero wasted time. I despise wasted time. Now this 30mins is killing me.

The art is nice to look at — but I know I can use this time much more effectively.

Dig into email? Check Twitter? Flick through The Economist on my kindle? All reasonable options.

But the trouble is: this must happen at least 3 times a month — and that’s just at airports. Other mini delays happen through the day, every day. There’s got be 3 or 4 hours week — 200hrs/yr! — just wasted with delays. Or, rather, wasted because I don’t have a game plan or pattern for what to do with that time when it unexpectedly arrives.

I’m thinking I should pick a task — something not work related, or time sensitive, but something I want to achieve at some point, something that nourishes my brain outside of day-to-day concerns — and do that in this delay time. So as soon as a delay happens… bam, I switch to that task and get productive.

Maybe I should download a challenging book and plough through that intermittently across the year. (Would I keep interested across a long time frame? I’m not sure). Or learn a language on DuoLingo. (could you do that with irregular bursts of learning? Seems unlikely). Or…?

What do you do? How do you fill this down/dead time? It happens to all of us — so how do you fill it? Would love to know… pls leave comments below.

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