Button Kit by 44 is a flexible and easy-to-use toolbox for both designers and iOS developers. As a designer you get a Sketch document with ready-to-use and code-backed symbols for modern button designs. As a developer you get a Swift Package that lets you implement designs without having to write tedious boiler-plate or reinvent wheels.

Get the Sketch file, code and documentation here: tobiasrenstrom.com

It’s all about color, movement, spacing and shape.

Fresh out-of-the-box human beings come with some pretty clever abilities to interpret the world. Abilities that have been learned through evolution rather than through education.

We all understand the world around us by vision, touch, hearing, smell and taste. For interacting with software we mainly use vision, and that can be broken down in to movement, color, spacing and perspective. Sound is important too, but we haven’t seen too many useful implementations just yet, even taking AI in to account.

Animation is probably the most useful technique in a designers’ tool box. When our eyes detect an object moving, we…

Tobias Renström

Co-founder and Product Designer at 44

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