“ The 400-kilometer weapons would extend deep into NATO territory, making the staging of an air…
Francesco Ganzetti

First of all, No Air Force in the world use Cruise Missiles vs mobile air defense units, No Taurus, SCALP, SPEAR or Tomahawk, they are worthless against that type of target. Against Air Defense systems they use anti radiation missiles like HARM and ALARM, its a non existing tactic.

And in Kaliningrad they have an Air defense Regiment that have 40 S-400 and they are protected by 6 Pantisyr, they also have an detatched ELINT brigade and EW units, this is an extremely powerful military unit.

They target everything that can fly, including small missiles and bombs.

And 400km range missiles work just as fine against both AWACS and F-16, they are guided by an active guided radar and they do not lock on to a target until the missiles own radar start searching when they are close, so they fire the missile without a target lock and guide it via data links, so an Russian AWACS or ELINT unit can have the location on the attacking fighter from a long distance and then they act as the SAM targeting radar and guide it until they start their own search when they are close, so no problem using 400km range missile against small RCS targets.

The same apply to Stealth, they use forward operating ELINT units that detect Stealth fighter with passive radar and electronic emission finders, then they guide the air defense.

Its extremely costly to kill an Russian fully integrated air defense unit, they are integrated to Fighter units, AWACS, and EW assets, will cost huge amount of enemy air planes to kill, the hardest thing a modern Air force can do, its a reason why NATO see Russia's air defense as a huge threat.

And this is only 1 Regiment, they have 20 more S-400 Regiment, and 40 more S-300 and then 40 different medium and short range regiment, their is 2 SAM for every enemy fighters and NATO do not consider them self to have arial superiority over Russia despite they have a much larger and better Air forces.

And Kaliningrad is not a small area, its 15 000 km2, can hide a LOT in that area.

And AEGIS shield? That is nothing that can protect the surrounding land areas from Iskander missiles.

This on the other hand is a proof you do not know what you were talking about. Everything you say is contradicting what NATO and western military experts say.

“turkish F16 that shoot down russian su-25 was only 160km from s-400 deployed in Syria“

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