Hey dude, have you got any idea of what a taurus kepd or even a less powerful and ranged SCALP is ?
Francesco Ganzetti

Hey Dude, i know, but again, i also know thay are not used against mobile SAM units, for two reasons, they are pre programed missiles, thay are not missiles that target movving targets, second is that they are veary easy to shoot down for point defense missiles in S-400 and the protecting pantisyr.

And yes, S-400 radar is easy detectable, but you still need to come close to take them out, and before they can attack the S-400 they can start attacking the fighters…And the radar of Fighters are just as easy detected as the radar from SAM units…

And obviously an ground radar cant detect a low flying fighter from that distance, thats why they are integrated with OTH radars, AWACS and forword locater units.

And again, they have 40 in Kaliningrad, that is a maximum of 640 missiles…And IRST intercept S-400 missile? No way, an impossible task for a missile like that,

“if your opponent has an overhleming attack capacity (stand off missiles and cruise missiles)”

The opponent do not have an overwhelming attack capability, as i said earlier the 40 S-400 in Kalinigrad can target enemy fighters and missiles with 640 Missiles as a max capacity, then they have 6 Pantisyr armed with 72 Missiles, ad to that the SAM units in the merchandised units and the SAM regiment with Buk and Tor systems, we are talking about a defensive capability of way over 1000 missiles, nothing is “overwhelming” to that, especially ehen you add the worlds strongest EW defense and AWACS and Fighter Regiments.

“and defensive as well (aegis shield) is not agood idea to launch any missile form a very small and known area”

NATO do not have good capacity to defend from the Iskander strikes from Kaliningrad, it is the opposite, their are today no system that are effective against this missile.

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