Tobias said it all, they are bristling with ASW capabilities.
Business Cat

True, and Russian ships also have an different approach towards ASW, other types of weapons then western navies.

Western navies use Torpedoes, and thats about all they use.

Russian ships like Kirov also have as an addition to Torpedoes depth charges fired from mortars, similar to Hedgehog US/UK used during world war 2, an highly modified version, used both as an attack weapon and also as a countermeasure launcher with very long range compered to standard NATO countermeasures.

They deploy minefields over large areas together with decoys, and they can deploy 26 rockets with various warheads under a minute and they reload them in 3 minutes, so they can create havoc against submarine.

And they also have a vastly superior range with their ASW missiles, an American ASROC are short range, only 22km wile a Russian SS-N-16 have 100km range, so the ship can support Helicopters in ASW from stand of range.