There is no reset every morning

I have absolutely no proof for this following idea, but my own observations.

Most of the people think that there is a huge difference between one day and the next day. The moment we go to sleep, we erase everything, and the next day we start with a blank slate. It does not matter how we finish the day, because the next day our brain will be reset to „Hello new day“. It seems like our brain has a magic power to get everything done over night. But does it really?

If I injure my leg, I know that it will take more than one night to heal. I should not plan to go to soccer practice next day.

If I get drunk, I can be sure, the next day will be really bad. Pretty sure, I won’t learn for an exam.

It is obvious to say that the idea of a day is purely constructed by human. Of course the day and night shift does influence a lot of issues on earth and in our head, but we should be aware that most of our problems carry on to the next day. So if we want to start the next day in a constructive way, we should also end this day in a constructive way. Many people I talk to understand that. But there is the problem with knowing and talking. Knowing means nothing, action means everything. We are stressed from work, get home, open a bag of chips, turn on the TV, drink beer, and plan how insanely productive we will be the next day. That does not work. If you end your day in a „bad“ manner, your brain will be affected the next day.

In my personal experience, I realized that it is easier for me to carry out my short morning routine directly after waking up, if the day before I went to bed at time and without watching TV. This willingness to do my morning routine is something where I can realize that problem. I do not know how much those affections carry on into my day. I think that all of those small things we do during the day, carry on into the next day and do affect the next small things during that day.

Life is like a flywheel. The goal of a wheel is to keep it turning in the correct rhythm. You do not start the flywheel everyday. You need to constantly give it small pushes, so it can keep the correct rhythm. If you give it one wrong push, it looses it rhythm for a short time, but eventually catches up to the correct one. Too many wrong pushes and it might start to wobble or even stop.

Do not try to reinvent your own wheel now. Start by addressing one little habit, and see if something changes. Probably you will not see a difference at first, give it time. We do not know, how our life is affected by the small decisions we make. But it definitely is.

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