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As people who work in the digital field we’re lucky to have the privilege of being able to work from everywhere. That’s why we, the three youngsters Francis, Guillermo and Tobi set out to work in Lisbon for three weeks.

Lisbon was our preferred destination because its comparably cheap, has lots of delicious food, is warm and sunny, has plenty of stuff to explore and the beach is quite near. Here are some of the learnings we took away from working remote from Lisbon.

1. More calling, less texting is the key

There were moments when we didn’t know how to move forward and in these situations it was tempting to write a quick message on slack and hope to fix the situation. But often that’s not the quickest way to reach a common ground, it’s way faster and easier to arrange a quick call. You prefer a quick face-to-face when you’re in the office, right!? …

Tobias Sutterlüty

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