• Matthias Mentasti

    Matthias Mentasti

    design & partner @madebywild living in Vienna / Austria — loves airline food

  • Nicole Saidy

    Nicole Saidy

    UX Designer @ Booking.com. nicolesaidy.com

  • Florian Nebenführ

    Florian Nebenführ

  • Dominik Rummerstorfer

    Dominik Rummerstorfer

  • Dhvl C.

    Dhvl C.

    With time people change, So did I! I do not write this stuff anymore and don’t know what to write either, Don’t follow if you expecting more content. K bye.

  • Mockplus


    The best all-in-one product design platform for prototyping, collaboration and scalable design systems. Start for free now at: https://www.mockplus.com/

  • Tregg Frank

    Tregg Frank

    Product Designer @LiveCandid in NYC. Musician, artist, wannabe design historian… but I mostly hang out with my wife and dog. 🤘

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