Cynthia loves instagram . She was there before it started and she has been uploading photos since the days of john the baptist. But over the years, things have become scary. She seemed to have changed from black , through chocolate , then cream and now she is white ( A nasty kind of white) i dared not raise the topic of the story of her great transformation, but when i met her recently, and complimented her new “colour”, all she said was “It’s the lords doing and its marvelous in her sight” (smh)

The internet has become a “one stop medical school” and everyone is now a certified “google professor”. So pricilla says “A cup of water in the morning is good for the digestive system” and paul says “A glass of alcohol a day is great for the heart” but we all somehow forgot about the largest organ of the human body; the skin. The trend of skin bleaching has been around for years and it’s no longer only for middle-aged aunties, young ladies and men alike have keyed into the realm.

“Tura” was the most common bleaching product when i was younger. Everyone and their mothers were busy polishing their faces with it and stylishly covering their ankles, elbows, knuckles and knees, areas which responded poorly to bleach which gave them away such that “by their black knees, we knew them that bleached” but now you can even choose the way you take your poison; from creams to pills and in extreme cases, injections and thats how far some people are willing to go for a free internal organ damage.

Darling. unless you have vitiligo, specific zones of hyperpigmentation from a ugly scar or mental problem, you have no buisness messing with your skin. We seem to have forgotten The skin is actually an organ. The colour of your skin is only 1 of the many things that changes every time you decide to soak yourself in bleach. Every one of those bleaching product is a well packaged, ticking time bomb ready to go off on your inside. . The colour and component of your skin is protective physically and immunologically . Most bleaching or toning creams/soaps/lotions contain ingredients that are MOSTLY prescribed for localized skin problems or deeper systemic disease primarily and a skin colour change is usually a side effect of the primary treatment. So why put your cash on a product for its side effect? In the process of metabolizing and excretion of this products in the body, they become toxic to internal organs.
Whatever you use probably contains one or all of these (in any case you are in trouble) ; hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, parabens or Alpha Arbutin , which will sooner or later (mostly later) cause thinning out of your skin, darkening of the skin around your eye (the bleach panda effect), neurological disorders, liver and kidney injuries, gradual brain damage and skin cancers apart from the fact that you will just look weired, wont be able to stand in the sun for long periods without turning “blue black” and at the end of the day, everyone still knows you bleached.

So be careful. Just before you say “I do” be sure to check those knuckles, knee , elbows and that space between the buttocks which responds relatively poorly to bleach. That cosmetic girl from the corner shop is not a dermatologist and her 6 years of surfing the internet is not a valid medical degree. If you have a problem with your skin, see a dermatologist and if you have a problem with how you look, then see a psycologist.
Always remember you are beautiful beyound description just the way you are…. Don’t change.
Special thanks to Dr. Fatima Elmardi (twitter: @fazdamaz) for her contribution to this article.

Dr. O.S Awoyemi.
Twitter: holisticme007