12 Ways to win in the market

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Sales and Marketing environment has become more complex and requires extra effort for sales people to survive and exceed business expectations.

Therefore, proactive sales people should know and understand the various strategic ways for personal growth, to approach the market from a different perspective. This approach requires dedicated effort and the willingness to work smart and win in a competitive market.

As Sales people, winning involves levels in differentiation which changes from customers engagement to product management. Therefore, for us to win at every level of market engagement, we need to do things differently.

Be open to learning

1. Learn how to create a good and compelling content, that will assist in connecting with the target customers, which helps in decision management towards your products and services.

2. Be flexible in adaptation towards market demand, by seeking new avenues to deliver value for the customers.

3. Be a forward thinker and solution provider. Review questions and complaint from customers and use that in creating or upgrading a solution.

4. Be on top of the game and use data to understand the dynamics of the market, by monitoring competitor’s activities to improve market share for the brand.

5. Improve your communication skills. Be conscious of taking over conversations by listening more to the client.

6. Attend sales call and be open to learn from colleagues from time to time.

Understand the work environment

1. Know yourself and self -worth. Test your ability, set new goals and seek direction when lost.

2. Understand your product and services. A good Sales people must be able to attend to customers’ needs and deliver values.

3. Know your target market. Profile your target for easy reach and engagement. Identify the key markets within your assigned territory. This will help to focus attention on the market with high potential for growth.

4. Know your competitor. Learn about your competitors both directly and indirectly. The right information may help manage how and where to sell. It goes further in helping to understand pricing, packaging, distribution and many more.

5. Know your system. A good understanding of both internal and external stakeholders is very important. It is a key to connecting with right contact both within yours and your buyer’s organization.

6. Know your numbers and update your SFA tool, to help you manage your Pipeline.



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