This New Year

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi) In this, we must first give up fear. Fear keeps us from being all that we can be. Fear freezes us into a stupor of inactivity and lack of will. When we give into fear, we relinquish our ability to nurture ourselves and others. When we live in the state of fear, we live narrow lives full of futility and darkness. When we live in fear, we cower in corners waiting for the next onslaught of actions, the intention of which is to keep us in those dark corners rather than facing the healing sun and taking on the enemy with courage and conviction of truth. As beings of eternal light, we need to take the reins of our lives and break through this wall of fear that has been created in order to control us. Full of hope and the potential for positive change we can overcome the darkness and return to living the lives we are meant to live. We need to acknowledge who we are in the larger universe and live our lives in creative peace and love. We need to love our neighbor as we wish to be loved, with reverence, respect, and kindness. We need to remember that we are spirits having a physical experience and treat our bodies as the sacred vessels that they are and nourish our spirits through mindful pursuits. We need to know and fully acknowledge that we are part of a great and wonder-filled experiment, that we are put here to serve each other that in that grace we become better reflections of the Creative Spirit, who created us in and through the energy of love.

We Are One Under One Sky
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