Tobigca FAQ

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Contact email address and official community

e-mail :
Official telegram address
China telegram address

2. How to participate in pre-sales

Tobigca will register and authenticate your email address. During the pre-sale period, you will register your Ethereum’s wallet address after logging in. Then, enter the amount of Ethereum to be transmitted. The next time you register, you’ll receive Tobigca’s Ethereum Wallet address. Tobigca’s wallet address can be found on your mail, and you can send it (Etherium) via (ex.

3. Deliver screen shot of authentication after purchase of TOC

Capture the screenshot with the transmission information and send it to The mail must include (i) sending address, (ii) receiving address, (iii) sent number, and (iv) TXID. The above information can be captured in “”.
* TXID stands for Transaction ID and is a unique string that identifies the transmission. It has the same meaning as transaction number, transaction ID and TX Hash.

4. Can I send it from my exchange wallet?

Do not send Ethereum from the exchange’s wallet. Be careful!

5. What cryptocurrencies are available?

Ethernet only. No other coin is acceptable.

6. Dividend Policy

<General TOC holder dividend conditions>

A holder with more than 1 TOC (no roundoff applied under decimal points) is entitled for Tobica’s dividend policy.

<Special dividend for presales participant>

Pre-sale holders possessing minimal 1,000 TOC with longer than 30 day-holding period shall be endowed with the special benefits below:

Ÿ Exclusive allocation of first 20% of revenue

Ÿ Additional allocation of remaining revenues on pro rata basis

Ÿ Dividend date is 2nd of every month (GMT 00:00)

7. When is TOC distributed?

Pre-sale shall be carried out in three stages. Once each step is completed, TOC will be delivered to the participant’s account. These can be found on your information menu on the Tobigca site. The wallet associated with the Tobigca platform will be mailed individually upon the completion of Tobigca (scheduled for August) and will follow the guiding procedure thereafter.

8. Tobigca’s Game Service Policy and License

Tobigca is online social casino game platform. Online social casino games are subject to different governing laws in each country. Tobigca adheres to legal procedures and relevant national and local laws. The issues related to licensing depend upon the legal status of the cryptocurrency in each country. Tobigca puts its best efforts to remain flexible to accommodate various regulatory environment in each country.