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I remember fondly my time at my first job out of university and subsequently the times when I joined new companies and teams. The first days were always exciting, special and a little bit intimidating. I had the privilege of working with some remarkable colleagues, bosses, and mentors. There was always plenty to learn and to grow as a person. Over time some common themes emerged, that helped me settle into new work environments quickly and successfully. …

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I co-founded my first start-up about 10 years ago. As I look back on my experience with that venture I have come to realize that we were quite naïve back then and made about every mistake one can make when starting a company. Eventually it did not work out as we had hoped. Our team dispersed, we sold our technology platform and shut down our service. I am still grateful for the time though and have benefitted greatly from my lessons in the years that came afterwards. Which lessons you may ask? …

Tobi Hann

Digital transformation & corporate innovation expert. Founder, management consultant, business angel and intrapreneur. Technology enthusiast.

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