After going Rogue, Tobii joins the Syndicate.

Tobii and Ubisoft, the partners in play who’ve just released Tom Clancy’s The Division, bring you yet another best-seller. With the smoke fumes still hovering after this hot release comes Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Available from March 15th. And once again, we’ve added fresh eye tracking features that taps into your natural killer instincts.

Prowl the streets of Victorian London equipped with Eagle Vision — aim at an enemy with a glance when they step into your field of view. Pinpoint a grappling hook with Action at Gaze to swiftly move among the rooftops.

Use Natural Targeting to run in one direction while aiming in another. Access vital data at a glance with Clean UI — freeing your screen from distractions. And since you’ll lurk in the shadows a lot, Dynamic Light helps your character’s eyes adapt to dark and bright lighting conditions.

Start playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate NOW and take control of the city by adding new controls to your arsenal. Only with Tobii eye tracking.

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