My Expectations of Andela Bootcamp

Prior to the commencement of Bootcamp I had a lot of opinions on it, the first being a cautious respect for the selection process and the second being a reality checker, saying to myself “I have heard the stories but chill, how stressful can it really be?, after all I have a background in …”. Now that I am I in Bootcamp mode I can attest to the process being one of the most demanding processes I ever had to live through and this is just after day 2.

My current expectations of Bootcamp are centred around making the most of an opportunity to learn and improve myself. I expect that I will know myself a lot better afterwards because of the way the program is structured, constructive feedback comes around fast and I am always noting down areas with opportunity for self growth. A key factor I expect to resonate is how much better we all are working in a community of like-minded individuals where ideas can be shared and nurtured, one day of working away from camp has hit me like a ton of bricks. I am convinced Boot camp is structured in a way to test certain characteristics of the campers; how they can handle deadlines and manage job-owner expectations, how they plan their time to the most appropriate use and how they improve personal efficiency and efficiency of their colleagues. Notice a pattern in my pointers, they all hammer on the point that deadlines keep on coming and quickly too. You may think that you have effective time management skills, Andela’s Bootcamp will prove if you do.

In conclusion, I like what the Bootcamp is doing to me, I expect to be a better leader after the process is done and I know my bag will be filled with lots of helpful takeaways like Charlie leaving the chocolate factory.

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