Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

The first person I’d be talking about is my colleague and friend Habib Audu. We happened to meet at the pre-Bootcamp interviews and we have gotten on really well since. We both share a deep love for our great football club Liverpool FC, to the disdain of our Learning Facilitator Assistant, Jorg who happens to support the other red team. I find Habib to be a really interesting person having lived in many parts of the country within his short time on God’s green earth. He embodies the attributes of who I’d call a true Nigeria because he has lived his life open to learning about people and their culture so much so that at a point in his life he switched religious beliefs. This attribute allows him to have an open mind on a team and he has demonstrated signs that he is willing to grow, can own his own and uses his experiences to help him be efficient. My good friend will be an awesome addition to any team and I am glad we were put on the same team so as to learn from and push each other to meet our true potential.

The person I will be discussing next is Uchechukwu Igbokwe who like me currently works in the financial services industry. I met Uche on day one of Bootcamp and the first thing he did was wow me with his front-end UI templates. After a brief conversation, I could tell he had an out-going personality and a cheerful nature. His playful side is obvious from his love of cartoons and video games while his more studious side is evident from his professional background. He is an electrical engineer who works in the E-banking unit of a tier-1 bank in Nigeria. His attributes highlight a strong work ethic and he has excellent people skills. He speaks 3 languages, 2 of which he is fluent in. Uche was born and raised in Port-Harcourt and moved to Lagos 3 years ago to begin his career in financial technology. Working with Uche will be a delight to anyone who is purpose driven and understands the values of a balance work-social life.

Next up is Afeez Adepoju, who is arguably one of the most resilient campers in the Andela Bootcamp. From an early age due to no fault of his, he had to face adversity that would have discouraged a number of good people. Despite the fact, he took that adversity in stride and turned it into a fuel for motivation. He began to dream about how to make life and its pleasures easily accessible to people like him who have one form of disability. His vision is to bring this dream that sits at the very core of his essence to life through technology. His unwavering mindset started at an early age and has persevered ever since. It is an honour to work with this man knowing that his passion and resilience will propel to amazing heights in his near future.

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