FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman

How Roger Ailes & Fox News Got Rich Scamming America’s La Z Boy Cowboys and Selling Out America’s Soul

Tobin Smith
16 min readMay 26, 2017


Note: This article turned into a new book from Diversion Books: Foxocracy: Inside the Network’s Playbook of Tribal Warfare.

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Since his death, many folks have asked me about my 14 years at Fox News and my experiences with Roger Ailes. I can tell you he was one of the top 5 best public speakers I’ve ever heard. I can tell you like anyone who knew him he was funny as hell and the MOST competitive person I ever met in the business. He also prized loyalty above all else and repaid that loyalty in spades countless times.

BUT…in 2000 when I started at Fox as a paid contributor (aka “Hitman’) and asked my new boss (like my pal Joan Walsh from Slate.com asked him in 2000 as well) “So Roger tell me…who is your Fox News target audience and what turns ’em on?”

What he told me . . . of course “off-the-record” . . . should not be shocking. But now that he is gone, it’s time to be real and tell the truth about Fox News... about everything I lived and experienced in my 14 years as a paid contributor and part-time anchor on Fox Business Network.

According to Roger:

“Toby . . . I created a TV network for people 55 to dead,” Ailes said.

“What does our viewer look like?

“They look like me…white guys in mostly Red State counties who sit on their couch with the…



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