A covering or A lid?

Most Young adults look up to someone successful for guidance towards their destiny or dreams. They plug their talents into the visions and dreams of others,with the hope of redefining and discovering themselves. They hope to be part of something bigger than themselves. It could be their parents, teacher,boss,pastor or even an imaginary being. They hope to find a mentor/a helper/an instructor in people around them who are successful in areas that interests them.

I read an article recently about leaders not supporting the talent they have in their groups, just because they feel their talents will outshine them or leave them for a bigger gig. Honestly, Leaders the talents in your group,congregation or team are there to add value to the group and help achieve the vision they have keyed into, that glorious future they have heard you proudly talk about.As a leader you have to decide if you are a COVERING,providing guidance and security or a LID,blocking opportunities for development and growth. If you don’t feed what feeds you(your dream,your vision) it might become weak and pull you back. As a covering you leave room for change,although it could be temporary it leaves room for expansion,whereas a lid seals and leaves no room for escape or exposure that brings about creativity and growth. If gifted people are not appreciated,utilized and fed(nurtured) they would soon either starve and no longer be useful or leave for greener pastures,where they will be fed(nurtured) and appreciated.

To the young adult,the talented one, I sayGet out there and work your talent,refine it,don’t get discouraged if one or two don’t believe in your dreams. It is your responsibility to develop and refine your gifts and talents, even more when you notice it is not appreciated,work harder. Light cannot be hidden for too long, it will be seen even from a distance.

Shine on your Time is here. Everything you need is within you. Dig deep! He that is in you is Greater than he that is in the world.