Via Thomas Michel’s blog I discovered the blog parade “Projektleiter 2030”. Under the heading “Project Manager 2030 — long since abolished or the control centre of the digital (project) world?”, the project magazine poses the a couple of questions, some of which are:

How will project managers work in 2030 — will they still be project managers?
Which utopias do you expect, which gloomy scenarios do you see on the horizon?

In my role as a manager, I have tasks such as resource planning, I am jointly responsible for the success of the project and sometimes I myself lead an…

This post was inspired by Mark Poppenborg who published two blog posts about change. The first part of the series talked about misconceptions of change. His second article introduces some tools to irritate organisations. The articles are in German only and not sure how well they read when automatically translated.

When I was writing these lines I sat at the Frankfurt airport, waiting for my flight to Dallas and have read a newspaper article about the German basketball league’s semi-finals, where my hometown Bamberg was playing versus Munich.

Change is a topic that bothers me for quite some time now…

Tobias Leisgang

Voice of customer | People Leader | Company Pirate

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