Money,Influence and Power

Money brings influence,Alliance brings power”

A couple of weeks back, I had this inspiration and I thought I should elaborate more on it. You see, to make legit money and have influence in my opinion these days is very clear but the only constraint might be the resources to make it, but once they are in place, there is always a process which requires patience then eventually the money pops up like toast bread and with the money comes influence. To carry out a vision, one cannot do it all alone, To create something that would stand the test of time, You need people (like-minds) to pursue any vision, Even Jesus Christ had to pick disciples to carry out the gospel or great commission; that in itself shows humility, it shows humility comes before honour and of course Jesus is God, he could have decided to invent holograms all over the world but he still chose to pick people. (Please let this sink in); we don’t just meet everyone for meeting sake, some of these individuals, have a role to play in achieving our purpose in life which brings about alliances then comes the power. It applies to strong businesses, It applies to the gospel. Do you have a vision?, Who are the people you share it with? Do they have the same thought pattern?.

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