The clouds and technologies we use in 2019 are a by-product the last decade of low interest rates. As these rates change it dramatically alters the way we use cloud and shapes the technologies that will define the next decade.

Money has been effectively “free” since 2008, and this last decade of low rates coincided with the growth of public cloud and the emergence of “big data.” …

I’m writing about stuttering because I’ve come to the realization that no one understands this disability. Also, I’ve noticed that in some circles it is still acceptable to make fun of stutterers. I’m going to write about my experience so people understand it. The hope here is that if people understand stutterers we can start changing attitudes.

As someone who stutters, I have to face the possibility of failure every time I try to speak. …

Good software architects are not educated in classrooms they are forged in the “focus rooms” of catastrophic failure. This is a pessimistic view of professional development in IT, but I’d rather hire someone who has had a front-row seat to failure than someone who hasn’t.

When hiring senior technical talent don’t focus on success. …


Tim O'Brien

I write and I code. Not always in that order. I do infrastructure and architecture at Walmart. (Opinions are my own.)

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