How to plan a Satisfactory Birthday Party

Just Like how to eat your cake and have it…

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This is for those who want low-cost delicious and fun birthday parties like me. If you’ve got the money and the time, then go ahead. You can do it all the way with food, music, games, dancing, and stuff. But if you are like me, a student living on a budget or an average person living on a budget, you’ll have to think wise.

Now, People expect you to plan a party and invite them so they would come and have a nice time, eat lots of chocolates and cakes, dance to music, take wild pictures and then retire to their houses; which technically is painful. I believe that in Birthdays, you ought to receive from people rather than spending so much. But on my birthday (I turned 17 recently), everyone was like, ‘‘Praise, what are you gonna do?, What are we gonna eat? Whats the plan?’’

I didn’t want to plan anything. I just wanted to go to class and then eat some cake and sing for myself. But no. My friends wanted us to go for pizza, some ice cream, then cake and drinks, bla bla bla. My budget was low and I had to Plan for the month. But I still wanted a good day for myself and to make my friends happy. So at the end of the day, I failed miserably. Someone gave me some serious advice that day, which i will never forget.

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Never invest your money in something that you will not be satisfied and happy about.

The first step is, letting your friends help you plan your birthday. Since you are on a low budget, they could contribute money so that you could all go for out or buy things to start your party. You should contribute less or nothing since you are the celebrant. But if you feel like being all generous, then please go ahead.

Next, try to get really nice delicious things that you know everyone would love to eat and would not waste. Plan for the number of people you want to invite over so that you wont get Party-crashers. It would be even better if you and your friends go to a park, a restaurant, a nice bar, or anywhere that gives you good vibes.

Lastly, don’t let anyone or anything ruin your day. Be optimistic and ‘Carpe Diem’. I’m not an adviser or someone who tells people how to do things since i’m still figuring some things out myself. But i know that everyone out there deserves a happy birthday without regrets.

And, don’t forget the fair weather friends who only come when things are good or when there is a party. Please, for God’s sake, don’t let them in. You’ll hate yourself for it. They don’t ‘epp’ anybody.

There is nothing as good and efficient as Partnership. Even in Birthdays!

This way everyone has a hand in your birthday and bet me, they would plan wisely since their money is involved. This I what I should have done but instead I missed class trying to get the cake, the cake arrived late, I paid so much money for it, my friends were tired and angry from waiting for so long, I felt really worn out too and I had a sour, unsatisfactory afternoon. Later, while I was thinking it through, I realized it was my fault since I didn’t plan well. Since i like surprises, I've beckoned to the ‘heavenlies’ to put it in someones mind to plan a surprise for me so I wont have to do anything. Ugh i hate planning my birthday!

*Drum roll* But as it happens in the movies, I had a wonderful guardian watching over me. My elder sister must have foreseen my trouble because she helped me out. She got me a cake,a box of chocolates and a card. And so the rest of my day was happy, happy in my la la land. The End.

Hey, but you over there could escape making the mistakes I made and have a blast. Just follow my instructions and you will have a wonderful day. You’ll see at the end, you will feel so happy and fulfilled. It will be a new beginning to a new you. So make it count!

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Happy Birthday!!! Hope my article helped.

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