#GetInvolvedHero — “Jump”

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“I should do something…” you tell yourself as you lay awake. It was supposed to be the day you started that new… thing. But, the comfort of your bed beats sweating to get up early.

Starting is the scariest part of the successful dream. We can all agree that it is so much easier sitting on that desk, tucked inside our heads and planning the perfect dream. It is easier to imagine yourself doing that race and winning gold than to get up and go train.

“I’m not ready. I’ll wait till everything is perfect. It’s not my fault that things aren’t just right.”

Fear also plays a part in hesitating. Like cement, it weighs you down and makes it harder to soar to your dreams. Perhaps, you doubt your strength or you have seen too many others fail which is disheartening to watch. Perhaps, your whole life you’ve been told that you aren’t good enough or you fear disappointing others. Perhaps, you are afraid of failing those who depend on and trust in you.

The good news is that inertia can help you overcome this cliff. Create inertia through habits and form habits by repetition. With practice, you will leap into fulfilment of life.

The difference between success and failure is the jump. A losing mindset holds you back, trapping your dreams in the false ruse of impossibility. History teaches us that every pacesetter has taken impossible, bold steps ahead of their time to succeed.

Use this 5-second rule by Mel Robbins to discover the other side of the cliff after jumping:

  1. Imagine what you want to do
  2. Count down from 5
  3. Do it

Becoming a #GetInvolvedHero requires a leap of faith. Throughout this month we’ll explore ways to spring forth which is important because next month, we will explore “Attitude”.

Question for YOU!

What are you Jumping into?

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