My Experience in the Andela’s Bootcamp So Far

console.log(“hello world”);

Today marks my third day at the Andela Bootcamp cycle-26.


Few weeks before the bootcamp, I started to get a feel of what we were supposed to accomplish. There was an overwhelming set of requirements that made my jaw drop as I tried to make sense of everything.

whhhhaaaaaat !!!!

The following monday, we were to show up at the Andela EPIC tower where i got to meet my LFA. We did lots of cool and challenging stuffs which i believed I explained in my previous posts. So go check them out :D

Basically these past few days at the Andela bootcamp have been great and challenging at the same time. I’ve been able to learn to use couple of tools, and services, even though not perfectly, but at least i have a basic idea of how they work.

  • got familiar with agile development tools like Trello and Pivotal Tracker
  • adopted test-driven development in javascript.
  • read up OOP terms and implementation in es2015 javascript
  • followed standards and guidelines such as Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() {} and Gitflow workflow.

I also got to use slack for the very first time and i must say it’s a great invention. It allows you and your team to communicate effectively, and has been a major way to collaborate with my LFA and peers and ask questions.

I also made some mistakes earlier while working with Git as I wasn’t following the git work flow properly. It didn’t make sense to me at first. But with the help of my LFA and some folks at the bootcamp, i was able to understand why some things were done.

Today like every other day brought it storm and after several brainstorm with some good folks i was able to withstand the storm. So far so good its, been very challenging, Everyday brings her challenge and i look forward to tomorrows challenge.