So far, So good.

console.log(“hello world !”);

Today marks the beginning of the second week at the andela bootcamp cycle-26. Yeaahhh, i made it to the second week, Last week was tough i gotta tell you. Making it to the second week was a big deal for me, I was with mixed feelings however, Sad because a close friend didn't make it to the second week, Happy, well because my commitment and motivation paid off and that i’m on the verge of becoming a professional software developer.

Today’s post is about Adaptability, which is basically being able to adjust to new conditions at any point in time. During this bootcamp period i’ve found myself adapting to various conditions i wasn’t used to. I had to change my sleeping pattern, sleep became a luxury i couldn’t afford.

i find my self sleeping late in the morning and waking up early in the morning.

I also had to push my brain past her limits, thanks to this i’ve been able to grow both technically and socially.

so much knowledge

I came in to the andela bootcamp with no knowledge whatsoever on JavaScript, Databases, and web development as a whole, so If you’re reading this it’s not too late, you can learn new stuffs too within a very short time, and if you’r super smart you can learn even shorter.

This past week had helped me adapt to a myriad of conditions and also made me realise the vast amount of knowledge that still needs to be learned so much that i’ve overwhelmed myself. Stay curious, stay committed, stay motivated, stay humble. This week is expected to be more intense than the previous and i look forward to every second of it !