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My experience in Bootcamp so far.

So today marks my second day at Andela Bootcamp cycle-26 and guess what ? It only get tougher and more impactful.

Started off Yesterday with meeting other individuals enthusiastic about technology, my LFA (Learning Facilitator Assistant) who turned out to be great individual, Working on my templates based on my LFA feedback, learning TDD in JavaScript, and bunch of other cool stuffs.

Started off today improving my UI, and then reading up OOP, I gotta tell you, it was a lot to take in. Finished off my code and pushed to github.

Had some challenges though on the first day- I mean who didn’t. Mine was more of Addressing issue. I was always addressing my LFA as “Sir” and he for sure didn’t like it. It’s has not been easy adjusting — if you are a Yoruba person you will understand. But I’m learning to unlearn and learn again. Today couldn’t be more challenging. But with help from my LFA, peers and internet I scaled through.

So far it has been a great experience, I’ve learnt so much in just a short time. I look forward to more challenges, I hope to learn more as I solve them.

Bye for now !