This is how XR will shape the future of interviews

Would you have imagined 20 years ago that millions of people every day would be using video conferencing systems like Skype or Zoom to do interviews for their next jobs?

Seems unreal, right?

It’s so natural and painless(ish) in a global world, to be in a different timezone and perform an interview through your computer or phone before going on site. I know that I have done this countless times to accommodate interviews during my holidays or travels.

So in recent months as Jobs in XR has been exploring various concepts around digital interviews, the idea of totally immersive interviews came up. This isn’t as far off as one might think given the direction of technology today.

Trending towards Holographic Meetings

The future of meetings is already getting closer and closer to Holographic meetings. We’re still years away from full volumetric captured meetings ala Holodeck, despite Microsoft’s awesome HoloSkype video, demonstrating the future of what Skype could be based on volumetric capture.

This tech however is far from ready, it’s clear from Microsoft that it will be some time before we see this in a consumer friendly package for every day use. Yet, this is clearly the next steps in how we will communicate.

Totally Holographic Interviews

In the next 5 years, we’ll move to towards the first totally holographic interviews. Why? Because we love to be connected with others and the more we can see the other person the better.

We’ve always craved that haven’t we? We started off with calls, then skype, then snaps, vines, youtube — The more face time we can have, the better. So many people communicate this way every day; from remote teams to friends and family to long distance lovers.

The rise of ‘AR’ videos

We’re starting to see the early iterations of this with the likes of HoloBack, an app which lets you send AR videos, predominantly of your face.

These small examples are the starting points of what’s possible in the space.

Soon enough we’ll have meetings like this:

There’s even early examples of 360 interview coaching to help understand the dynamic of what’s happening in the room and help you understand how to land that job. Remind you of an episode of Black Mirror? (It should, check out Episode The entire history of you)

The future of VR interviews

Joining a VR world is really easy and straight forward and in many ways could be a better way to do interviews over that of a phone call. You might not see the person, you’ll see their avatar which you’d hope matches their real world looks.

Yet this is not to dissimilar to a normal phone call, however VR gives you that ability to use gestures and some basic emotional cues which are not present during phone conversations. Also the cartoon-like avatars can help you eel a bit more at ease with the person that’s in front of you.

Wouldn’t it be great to think that Hugo Barra, VP of VR at Facebook, did his interview with Mark Zuckerberg using Facebook Spaces?

Why would you do it in VR?

We can see a huge amount of benefits from doing this in VR. Not only could you create an environment which is comfortable for both participants. You could also create various tests and scenarios that really help you understand how your candidate will think or react to any given challenge. Want a whiteboard? Bring one up. Have you created awesome art? import it and show it off! There’s lot of cool things you could do in this space.

What should you do today?

We’re not there yet — However, the future is coming along a lot faster than one might expect and it might be worth thinking about immersive interviews a lot sooner than you might think, both from a candidates’ perspective and am employers.

So get your avatar ready, you might be doing your next interview in VR!

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