What happens when you have too many startup ideas…

Well I’ve always been known for having loads of projects on the go and trying to get different things done. All of these have helped built my skills but over the years and each projects has pushed me forward.

Over the years, I’ve changed, learnt and matured my product development processes, moving more projects to the notepad instead of prototyping them. Why? Well it’s quite simple — Great ideas come at a cost. Time. Not money, effort or anything else. Following Buffet’s suggestion, you really need to focus on the top things you want to do, everything else is a distraction and so I focus on 3 ideas max now.

This focus led me to creating: The StartupMill

I realized that I wanted to be able to build projects under a parent umbrella that would be able to leverage and share resources across projects but also if people wanted to switch to another team they easily could. While I think that 3 projects is rather modest, I realized that the model I was looking at was similar to Rocket Internet’s venture building model. This is something I really like, yet I wanted to take a different twist on this framework. Instead of focusing on replicating companies ala Rocket Internet, I want to have a rapid prototype & standup model so that each project can come alive and if there’s traction they would be spun off into their own entity. Simple right? Yeah!

Why the name?

The name behind StartupMill.co was quite simple to be honest, it was one of these moments when there’s a natural fit for me.

Startup had to be included or something to that effect to help convey what this would be building.

Mill has two attachments, the first being that mills always aim to produce something which when linked to startups makes perfect sense. Secondly, my family live in a 13th Century watermill, so I always liked this.

What next?

Time to get building on these startups and ideas!

I’ve already started building 3 of these…

  • Realityhunt.com— Think ProductHunt for the AR/VR/MR world. Helping the creatives and devs discover new products and tech. 
    Status: Late Alpha
  • Roadmapr.co—A resources & financial forecasting tool for teams. Bridging the gap between task management and finances by providing you with a high level resource plan and forecast of staff and finances for fixed team. I built an excel model to run a £2m company quite well, so I decided to turn this into a SaaS. 
    Status: Prototype done
  • Crazyhotscale.com — Well it came out of this video which is terrible yet quite funny. People either love or hate the idea, yet they still gravitate to wanting to know what’s their score. Use it as a pre-dating or post-dating app, you’ll be able to find out what people think of you in a tongue and cheek kinda way.
    Status: Prototype done

There are others but these are the ones which are being focused on right now as starting points. The biggest pain point is to build the team to support these projects, so if you want to get involved feel free to message me.

Let the journey begin!

If you wish to work on any of the projects, feel free to contact me directly about this.

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