Confused Solitude

Many a time , one may just sit , staring, thinking , wondering, or even playing and then you are like ‘damn guurl, is this what you are supposed to be doing at the moment’ …though you know that there is so much peace in what you are doing at that moment but the same time your peace is confused , its like wandering through a desert nothing much to be scared of but so many things to beware of….

You never know from where it would hit you..


Staring through the pane

Wondering why the cloud of solitude

So confused it is

Drifting slowly afar off

Running from pain

It echoes ‘back off’

Lyrics of serenity motivating

It fades

Peace glows…

So one day, i sit, staring out my window and behold the clouds forming different shapes, some meaningful, others not as much and then you just marvel at how they all move together kind of at the same speed, their synergy quite exciting and then you realise that when such confused moments hit you all you have to do is find PEACE.. though the peace may seem like confusion at first , slowly it settles in…the confusion drifts and peace tells it ‘back off’.

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