Road transport in Nigeria

So I recently travelled by road, from Lagos to Port-Harcourt, and via public transport too.

Some thoughts:

  1. There are still crazy truck drivers on the road. Like seriously, these guys are doing about 110 km/h and don’t even think of overtaking them without saying a prayer first, the driver might be in a bad mood and decide not to let anyone overtake and go into a fit of lane hugging and road rage.
  2. The roads are bad. Some roads are good but the experience on the bad roads eclipses what you feel on the good roads. The drivers are always swerving left to right and back again to avoid potholes on the roads.
  3. At the motor park, there are these people that come to pray over the vehicle and after they begin to ask for an offering. Like seriously…
  4. The passengers. Some of them are really chill. But then you can’t have it all, you have the queer, the weird and the downright annoying (like this one dude that kept stepping on my belt throughout the journey).
  5. Then the food stops that like every other transport company on the same route stop at. The idea is really nice though. These fast foods give the drivers free food whenever they stop, in return their passengers also patronise these fast food joints.

Overall, it was a good trip but would I do it again anytime soon? Nah, I’m guessing not. I mean it was a 9hr journey which I spent sitting and I’m still tired 2 days later.