The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Joe Brewer

“We cannot begin the work of building new economic systems until we take off the mental shackles of the old ones.”

The two activities go together for me, not sure they can or should be seperated. As a new system is built, the shackles crack. As the shackles crack, a path appears.

“True optimism comes from having traversed the territory of despair and taken its measure. It is not ignorant of the magnitude of the crisis nor unaware of the forces that stand in the path of healing. Sometimes people confront me at talks to educate me about the power elite and their propaganda machine, their control of finance and politics, or even their mind control technologies, imagining I am unaware or willfully ignorant of the workings of our system. Or they speak of the apathy of the masses, the greed and ignorance of the people who just don’t get it and the unlikelihood of their ever changing. All of this is part of the territory of despair, with which I am intimately familiar. It isn’t that I have shied away from the bleak truth because I can’t take it. Optimism lies on the other side of it, and hope is its herald.” 
More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, The — Charles Eisenstein

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