Being an account of some things that captured my interest this week.

This week I have mostly thinking about Serverless and Lambda and Kafka and PostgreSQL.

Threat Modelling Toolkit
A look at how to systematically structure Attacks, Bad Actors, Countermeasures for understanding security threats

Continuous delusion at the infrastructure layer
TL;DR the risk profile for infrastructure is different than the applications that run on top of that infrastructure.

Microservices and the First Law of Distributed Objects

The Challenges of Serverless in 2017
Overview of the main challenges of serverless in 2017. Highlights the fact that AWS documentation lacks details on problem solving with the AWS stack “its hard to determine which service should be used in which way to solve a specific problem.”

The Occasional Chaos of AWS Lambda Runtime Performance
TL;DR “if consistency is important, the best way to achieve that is by cranking the memory setting all the way up to 1536MB.”

120,000 distributed consistent writes per second with Calvin
A look at the performance of FaunaDB using a transaction consistency algorithm is inspired by Calvin. 

The Calvin transaction consistency algorithm
Calvin is designed for high throughput regardless of network latency, and was the work of Alexander Thomson and others from Daniel Abadi’s lab at Yale.

Getting Started With Lyft Envoy For Microservices Resilience
More detailed look at Lyft’s Envoy communication bus

Playing with Postgres and Kafka.
A look at building transaction and reporting capabilities with PG and Kafka

PostgreSql Many-to-Many with Non-relational SQL
Using Postgres Array, JSONB array, JSONB object, and hstore data types to avoid multiple joins, or even supplanting joins altogether.

I ❤ postgres

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