Being an account of some things that captured my interest this week.

This week is mostly about the clouds. But really, what week in tech in 2017 isn’t?

Gitlab: why we are not leaving the cloud
Collation of community feedback to Gitlab’s recent proposal to move to self-hosted infrastructure. TL;DR: don’t

Don’t Write Off the AWS S3 Outage as a Fat-Finger Folly

The idea that you can replace manual tasks with automated and scripted tooling is great in theory, and in theory, it can completely avoid problems such as fat-fingering causing a production outage.
However, the reality is a bit different.

Yes, S3 was down for hours. Don’t make expensive decisions because of it.
It’s a testament to the general perceived (and practical) reliability of S3 that an outage can cause such chaos and consternation. TL:DR Don’t Panic.

Google Cloud Platform
Marketing article, but Google is investing massively and the results are pretty impressive.

Why Google’s Answer to AWS Reserved Instances is a Big Deal

Google is able to offer this due to the unique nature of Google Cloud. Google Compute Engine under the hood is NOT a service that sells a bunch of VMs running on specific hardware.

Why (most) High Level Languages are Slow
An examination of the cost of abstractions in C# (that equally apply to Java and Ruby and etc)

The bottom line is that if you want to be an alternative to C++ for high performance scenarios, you need to worry about data layout and locality.

Destroy Your Product (Without Getting Fired)
Can you destroy your product AND not get fired?
TL;DR: probably

How can you make it safe for your team to optimize for global health and outcomes over individual or group interests?

Awesome Postgres
Handy collection of awesome postgres stuff

Modern era acceptance testing for nodejs