Why you shouldn’t use Rails for your next project

I’ve wanted to write an article for a long time about why Rails doesn’t make sense for most new projects but I’ve struggled to find the words. There was a less helpful rant earlier this year but it didn’t quite get to the crux of the issue. Today, I stumbled across the perfect explanation on Spray’s website.

Spray’s philosophy revolves around offering libraries instead of frameworks.

That last paragraph is the killer. Very few new projects (at least in the SaaS companies I’ve been working with) are primarily web applications — they are most often services to support complex business activities.

Even if you’re just launching a hot new mobile app, this should be a mobile application backed by an API. No web applications in sight. But I’ve seen teams, familiar with their existing Rails monoliths, jumping to tackle every problem with their familiar hammer. Maybe it’s time to learn a new tool or two?

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