This is How Most People Actually Listen to Music
Paul Cantor

Well said and I agree wholeheartedly. As someone who works in music — and radio — I see and hear daily the reactions to songs from people. While some in the ‘business’ may not like this, the truth is, people don’t like to be defined by format or data. Some love Britney Spears as much as they love Sam Hunt. Others love Van Halen as much as they love James Bay. Music, I think, is this great gift which allows us, as emotional creatures, to expand on that emotion. Those emotions vary from time to time, day to day, and moment to moment, and, I think, like most people, those emotions can’t be put into a box, or a format. All in all, the great thing, I think, about music, is that it is by its nature, motivation. Motivation which says it’s okay to have emotions. And emotions are what make life so worth living, which, in itself underscores Ek’s point. From Mozart to Metallica, thank God life has such a diverse, and compelling soundtrack.

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