Fishing and Freedom: How Do They Interrelate?

Why is it that so many people enjoy fishing? Out on the open ocean, relaxing and waiting for a strike. Changing lures, throwing bait, leaving bananas at home, all sorts of activities to try and catch an allusive pelagic sport-fish.

Toby Larocque

What is it that drives so many of us to find true peace in this activity, while others really don’t care much about it? The answer is quite simple. We don’t know. What we do know is that people find some form of freedom out in the ocean that they are unable to express. Perhaps it is just a trick of the mind, but for me and so many others it feels absolutely real. It might be compared to an alcoholic’s moment of clarity, or a religious awakening, or maybe even just a great sport experience, but it is something we as fishermen and ocean goers find it difficult to express in words.

We simply say “I just love it” or think like that, but for so many of us it is much more. I find something when I’m out on the ocean that is powerful and rejuvenating. Some find it on top of a big mountain they have climbed, or at the final of a marathon, but the underlying principle in my opinion is a feeling of true freedom.

I believe in our regular lives, we are missing this feeling. Sure we are free, but are we completely? Rent, mortgages, phone bills, taxes, deadlines, etc. pull from our sense of freedom. If we must pay a tax against our will are we truly free? I am not here to say any of this is bad, or right or wrong, but I do believe we as a species have lost to some extent a sense of freedom.

Perhaps this is a trade off for better things like the cell phone I am writing this on or the airplane I am flying on. But the fact remains, I am only able to find true tranquility during some moments. If you think of this and apply it to your life, I am willing to bet that same tranquility is felt only when your mind has briefly forgotten about your “normal” life. Just think about it.

I believe the more we as humans can escape to activities in nature, the more our minds and bodies will rejuvenate and the better we will be at “normal” life. Give it a try, take an unexpected trip to the ocean, the mountains, etc. and see how well you do when you return, I bet it will be a positive individual.

Thought of Toby Larocque

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